Community Arts Day at the Eisemann Center

Sunday September 16th was Community Arts Day at the Eisemann Center and Follies Showgirls, Class Act Dancers, and Follies board members were there to take part in the Eisemann Center’s 10th anniversity that celebrated the ARTS .cover image for flyer for Community Arts Day

General Information
In celebration of the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts & Corporate Presentations’ 10th Anniversary, the City of Richardson and the Eisemann Center will present a Showcase performance featuring the winners of an AllRoundTalent competition during its Community Arts Day on September 16, 2012. Winners were selected by a panel of judges who made their determination from submitted video clips followed by a live audition for the finalists.

Presented by the City of Richardson.

Follies Showgirl Mary Virginia Tuinstra, follies board treasured Glenna Stone-Morgan and Follies board member Sheila Klein represented the Follies.

Follies showgirl Mary Virginia Tuinstra, Follies treasurer Glenna Stone-Morgan and Follies board member Sheila Klein

Follies showgirl Mary Virginia Tuinstra, Follies treasurer Glenna Stone-Morgan and Follies board member Sheila Klein

Glenna and Sheila instructed all commers in tap dancing and Glenna’s son made baloon animals and hats for the children.

Balloon animals and hats were made for the children.

Balloon animals and hats were made for the children.

Class Act Dancers executed their precision routines in the Hill Performance Hall, to the delight of the audience.

The Class Act dancers

The Class Act dancers


Charity Bingo at Terrell

Hello all,

Seven of us had a great time at Terrell’s Best Bingo last Friday September 7th.  Sherry Snider won $100.00 which she is spending / giving to the casino in New Orleans while she and Pete are on vacation!!  We had a great time and look forward to going again, as the Senior FOLLIES is a Charity Sponsor which means the more people attending. the more funds are deposited into the FOLLIES account! So it is fun, a chance to win cash and beneficial for the Follies!

We have decided that Friday afternoon traffic is too much to handle.  So we are planning on going next on a Sunday afternoon session from 3:15 to ?  I’ll let you know which Sunday we’ll be going.  (Must check Cowboy schedule.)

 Some of us will be at the Eisemann Center on Sunday for Richardson’s Art Day from 1:00 to 5:00.  Come out if you can.  We’ll have a table to distribute items.


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Community Arts Day at The Eisemann


Please stop by the Spectacular Senior Follies booth at Community Arts Day in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Eisemann Center. We will be have a drawing for 4 free tickets for the September 13-15, 2013 show.

Community Arts Day at The Eisemann Theater

Community Arts Day at The Eisemann Theater

Time: 1-5 PM

When: Sunday, September 16

We will have showgirls, dancers and a balloon twister at our booth.

Cast Party at the Michlins

                                             SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER

First of all, I know we all missed having a 2012 Spectacular Senior Follies, but, we are already planning for the 2013 Follies. It will be September 13-15, at the Eisemann Theater.

Judy and Andy Michlin host the September 8th cast party.

Judy and Andy Michlin host the September 8th cast party.

We are proud to announce that Judy Chamberlain has been contracted to be the Executive Artistic Director for the show. She comes with a very impressive resume and enthusiasm galore. Please visit her website  to see for yourself.  Her bio will also be posted on our website

Judy will also be responsible for Public Relations and is helping us obtain funding. Barbara Straughan, a new member of the board, is Chairman of Fund raising. If you have anyone who might be a source of funding, please let Barbara know. Her email address is

We will soon be kicking off out Friends of the Follies Campaign that brought in over $11,000 last year.

Follies Showgirls with founder Ned Startzel and his wife Elsie

Follies Showgirls with founder Ned Startzel and his wife Elsie

Judy and Andy Michlin hosted a party on September 8, which would be the second night of the Follies and invited all the cast and board. Most wore costumes and the showgirls wore red wigs.

Judy Chamberlain – Our New Artistic Director

Judy Chamberlain - Artistic Director

Judy Chamberlain – Artistic Director

I’m honored and thrilled to be involved with crafting a production that celebrates the great traditions of vaudeville, ragtime, Broadway, swing and classical music for the Spectacular Senior Follies. Incorporating the finest elements of music, dance and comedy by utilizing the talents of seasoned entertainers reminds us that there is much to be learned from those who have come before us. Live entertainment is an inheritance that needs to be preserved.

 It has always been a priority for me to help give current and future generations the message that getting older might even mean that we’re getting better!

 As a jazz singer, bandleader, producer and artistic director for many entities over the years, I’ve had an opportunity to observe how important it is to know about all the background and history of entertainment. There is a lot that goes into performance style and interpretation in all of the disciplines, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

 A young jazz bassist who has come to national prominence recently wrote something to the effect that jazz is a demanding art form, one in which people don’t really get good enough for others to listen to until they’ve been at it for years.

Judy and the band

Judy and the band

As a jazz singer who has studied and performed many genres of music, and a music historian who is always eager to learn about where everything came from, who wrote it – and why and when they wrote it, directing the Follies gives me a terrific way to work with many  talented people who have been there, and have done so much, including founder Ned Startzel and the dedicated, supportive Board of Directors of  The Spectacular Senior Follies!. 

The Spectacular Follies Showgirls!

"The Follies Showgirls!"

"The Follies Showgirls!"

The Follies Showgirls are lavishly costumed and so glamorous that you won’t believe that they are all over 55.
The Follies is a spectacle of singing, dancing, glorious costumes and comedy.
You have to be 55 to be in the show but music keeps these performers young and this kind of music never gets old.
Many of our performers have had very successful careers on stage.
“WOW! This isn’t a talent show! The Follies rivals any major entertainment production on stage or screen!”
“Talk about entertainment! The Follies is a feast for the eyes and the ears!”

By Larry Becker